Auto Trading

Smart trading algorithm where once available for the banks and rich people only. Primary brokers is proud to change that introducing you with new automated trading technologies which are now available to all of our world wide clients. While people are getting nearly 0% interest rate in the banks, trading algorithms became an advanced better alternative. Our system can provide you with 100% safety of funds. While we can't promise unlimited profits, we can maximize your gain while minimizing the risk using wise risk management settings. We know you might have doubts and that's why we're welcoming you to open an account with the minimum amount and test our game changer systems.



Enjoy both worlds of self trading and managed account when getting signals from top rated analysts team while keeping 100% of control choosing whether taking the trade or not. The analyst team are working on shifts 24/7 ready to use the news in your favour. Whenever apple will launch a new iPhone or there will be another war in the middle east causing the oil price rising, they will be there keeping you updated and signalling with the best trades to be taken. We believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication resulting you with the power to make the trade using one click button directly from the signals that will be sent into your mobile vis SMS. Premium signals are now available to all of our world wide clients as we're more than happy to signal you the way for success anytime, anywhere.

social trading

Social Trading

The capital markets has trading stars same as Messi and Christiano Ronaldo in football. Imagine you could copy from their actions automatically and make profits just like them. We invite you to discover a new world of social trading where you can set your trading account to follow automatically after the best traders in the world. Those VIP traders are getting success fee which is an important fact that motivates them to work harder for you as it's a Win-Win situation of mutual success. Access our platform and enjoy our new technology when the best traders will be revealed for you to follow with 1 click button. Start trading now and make your dreams of financial freedom into reality.


Trading Forex/CFD's/Cryptocurrencies on margin carries a high level of risk and therefore requires skills, knowledge, understanding and may not be suitable for all investors.

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